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Pushing Muscles to the Limit with Barre & Pilates

Hey there, amazing ladies of Redlands Barre!

Get ready to power up, because today we’re diving into the wonderful world of muscle-building through barre and Pilates. If you’ve been craving a challenge and want to take your strength to new heights, then this blog post is your ticket to achieving those goals!

Let’s kick things off with a little anatomy lesson. Our muscles are incredible powerhouses just waiting to be unleashed. When we exercise, we push our muscles beyond their comfort zones, which stimulates growth and strength development. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by working our muscles to failure.

Now, “failure” might sound intimidating, but trust me, it’s a magical word in the fitness realm. When we say we’re working to failure, we mean pushing ourselves until we can no longer perform an exercise with proper form. It’s that moment when you give it your all, your muscles shake, and you think you can’t go any further. But guess what? That’s when the magic happens!

Both barre and Pilates provide the perfect environment for embracing the “failure” philosophy. They’re low-impact workouts that focus on controlled movements, emphasizing muscle engagement and building strength from the inside out. So, let’s see how these two amazing practices can help you reach your strength goals!

  1. Barre Bliss: A Symphony of Muscle Endurance In a barre class, you’ll discover muscles you never knew existed! The small, precise movements in ballet-inspired exercises target specific muscle groups, sculpting and lengthening your physique. Here’s how barre can help you reach muscle failure in the most graceful way possible:
  • High Reps: Barre workouts often involve multiple reps with small, controlled movements. This continuous engagement forces your muscles to work harder and ultimately reach that sweet point of exhaustion.
  • Isometric Holds: Barre incorporates isometric holds, where you hold a challenging position, like a plié or a deep lunge, for an extended period, and the infamous “Pulse”. These static contractions are sneaky and help to fatigue the muscles, leaving them quivering with strength.
  1. Pilates Powerhouse: Core and Beyond Pilates, on the other hand, is all about building a strong and stable core while working your entire body. Don’t be fooled by the slow and controlled movements – Pilates can push you to your limits! Here’s how Pilates helps you find your strength through muscle failure:
  • Eccentric Movements: Pilates often focuses on eccentric muscle contractions, which means you’re lengthening the muscles while resisting the force–working at all times! This deliberate control builds strength and resilience, leading to muscle failure and growth.
  • Progressive Overload: Pilates exercises can be modified to add resistance, making them more challenging over time. By gradually increasing the difficulty (changing spring tension, body positioning, and sometimes using props), you ensure that your muscles are consistently pushed beyond their limits.

Remember, ladies, progress and strength are unique to each individual. Embrace the journey and enjoy the process. Here are a few tips to make the most of your muscle-building adventures:

  1. Listen to Your Body: It’s essential to challenge yourself, but always pay attention to what your body is telling you. Push yourself, but never at the expense of your safety or well-being.
  2. Quality over Quantity: It’s not about how many reps you do; it’s about the quality of each movement. Focus on proper form and alignment to maximize muscle engagement.
  3. Mix It Up: Don’t be afraid to switch up your routine! Do you normally take barre? Try a Mat Pilates class, and challenge your muscles in fresh ways. Variety keeps your body guessing and ensures continuous progress.

Best of gains to you all,

Chelsea Messner

Redlands Barre Founder & Co-Owner

10 Best Foods Before & After Barre

Maximize the benefits of your workout

As a barre lover, I know that a good workout is only half the battle with fitness. To get the most out of your barre and pilates classes, you need to fuel your body with the right foods. Here are the top 10 foods to eat before and after your workouts: 

Before Class: 

  1. Bananas – Bananas are a great pre-workout snack because they’re easy to digest and provide a quick source of energy. 
  2. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a great choice because it’s a complex carbohydrate that provides sustained energy. Add some nuts or fruit for extra flavor and nutrition. 
  3. Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt is a good source of protein, which helps build and repair muscle tissue. Add some berries or granola for extra carbs and flavor. 
  4. Whole Grain Toast – Whole grain toast with nut butter provides a combination of carbs and protein that’s great for sustained energy and muscle repair. 
  5. Smoothie – A smoothie with fruit, spinach, and protein powder is a great way to get a mix of carbs, protein, and nutrients before your workout. 

After Class: 

  1. Quinoa – Quinoa is a great post-workout food because it’s a good source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids that help with muscle repair and growth. 
  2. Sweet Potato – Sweet potatoes are a good source of complex carbohydrates and potassium, which helps with muscle recovery. 
  3. Eggs – Eggs are a good source of protein, which helps repair muscle tissue. Pair with whole grain toast for extra carbs. 
  4. Salmon – Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and help with muscle recovery. 
  5. Berries – Berries are a good source of antioxidants, which help with inflammation and recovery. Add some yogurt for protein and extra flavor. 

Remember, the key is to fuel your body with a mix of carbs, protein, and nutrients before and after your workouts. Stick to whole foods and avoid processed snacks or sugary drinks. With the right fuel, you’ll be able to power through your barre and pilates classes and see results in no time. 

Chelsea Messner

Redlands Barre Founder & Co-Owner

Are you a barre-loving, active woman who’s hitting the slopes this winter? If so, I’ve got some exciting news: Pilates can be your secret weapon for preventing skiing injuries and keeping you strong, flexible, and injury-free all season long! 

As we enter our Fabulous 30s and 40s, we’re often juggling busy lives and responsibilities, and it’s crucial to prioritize our health and wellness. If you’re an active woman who loves to ski, you’re already taking steps to stay fit and enjoy an exhilarating winter activity. But did you know that incorporating Pilates into your fitness routine can take your skiing experience to the next level? 

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and body alignment, making it the perfect complement to barre and other activities. Here’s how Pilates can help you stay injury-free on the slopes: 

Strengthen Your Core: Your core muscles, including your abdominals, back, and hips, are essential for stability and balance while skiing. Pilates targets these muscles, helping you build a strong and stable core that can withstand the demands of skiing. A strong core can also improve your posture and reduce the risk of falls and injuries on the slopes. 

Improve Your Flexibility: Flexibility is crucial for skiing, allowing you to move smoothly and efficiently on the snow. Pilates incorporates stretching exercises that can help you improve your flexibility, particularly in your hips, hamstrings, and calves. Enhanced flexibility can also prevent strains and sprains while skiing. 

Enhance Your Balance: Skiing requires good balance to maintain control and stability on uneven terrain. Pilates exercises challenge your balance and proprioception, which is your body’s ability to sense its position in space. By practicing Pilates regularly, you can improve your balance and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and injuries on the slopes. 

Prevent Common Skiing Injuries: Skiing can stress various parts of your body, including your knees, ankles, and lower back. Pilates can help you prevent common skiing injuries by strengthening the muscles around these areas and improving your body mechanics. For example, Pilates exercises like the “clamshell” and “leg circles” can target your glutes and hips, which are crucial for stabilizing your knees while skiing. 

Enhance Your Mind-Body Connection: Pilates is not just about physical strength; it also emphasizes the mind-body connection. By practicing Pilates, you can develop a greater awareness of your body’s movements, alignment, and posture. This heightened body awareness can translate into better form and technique while skiing, reducing the risk of injuries caused by poor body mechanics. 

So, if you’re a ski-loving woman, it’s time to add Pilates to your fitness routine. Not only will it help you stay injury-free on the slopes, but it will also improve your overall strength, flexibility, and balance. Check out Redlands Barre Studio’s Pilates classes, or try our online classes to get started. Your body will thank you, and you’ll be hitting the slopes with confidence and grace! 

Stay fit, stay active, and stay injury-free this winter with Pilates. Happy skiing! 

Chelsea Messner

Redlands Barre Founder & Co-Owner

5 Ways to Stay Fit (and see results) During the Holidays

Staying consistent during the holiday season is HARD: and for good reason! With all the family, friends, and festive treats, it’s easy to let your fitness goals take a back seat this time of year. Here are some tried-and-true ways to maintain your progress and continue to see results during the holidays.

1. Sign Up Early for Classes

You picked a class-based studio for a reason – now is the time to lean into it! If you book your classes at the beginning of the week, you’ll be more likely to stick to a schedule and get your workout in regularly. Utilize your relationships with instructors and other members to keep yourself motivated and showing up. If you and your class buddies all commit to showing up, everybody wins!

2. Pick Up Heavier Weights

Barre is famous for its light weights and high repetitions, but maybe this is the season to bump it up a pound! By increasing the weight you use in class, you can start building more muscle. Fun fact: muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn at rest!

3. Participate in the Holiday Events

We LOVE the holidays, and we love making them fun for our community! Sign up for themed classes and other holiday events at the studio. You’ll feel extra festive and get a good burn in while you’re doing it. You may even make new friends when you attend community events outside of your normal schedule.

4. Invite Your Family & Friends to Join You

The more the merrier! Invite your family and friends to join you in the studio for a class, or to participate in a live-stream class from home! You don’t live in a bubble, and neither should your fitness. Remember that our studio offers a great referral program for friends and family, and we would love to meet your loved ones this season.

5. Consistency is Key

Even with the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas cookies, and holiday party cocktails that are sure to come your way, consistency is the #1 way to see results in your fitness. Set a goal for how many classes you would like to attend each week and do what it takes to meet your goal. If you need some fitness cheerleaders this season, just let your instructors know! We are here to support you every step of the way.

Wishing you all the love and holiday magic this season!


Ally Gillespie

Redlands Barre Co-Owner

Struggling With Motivation?

There are many different reasons we may fall out of our fitness routine. A change of season or routine, the kids are back in school, maybe work is a little more aggressive this time of year, or PSL season brings out the side of us that loves to cozy up on the couch. Whatever your reason is, it can happen to any of us. 

Maybe you’re like me? I started out unwavering, with my fitness and health goals clearly in mind. I was consistently showing up to class and hitting my goals for the week. It felt so good mentally, and physically to move my body and finish the week with 4 classes under my belt. I was getting stronger, and more flexible. And then something happens to throw me off of one session… no big deal! I’ll make it up! Then I miss a second…and suddenly it’s been a whole week, and my momentum is gone. Now it’s hard to find the motivation to get back into the swing of things. Sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to stay motivated, or jump back into consistency, here are a few tips you can implement to jumpstart your fitness journey again.

  1. Positive self-talk: Give yourself a little pep-talk, like you’re talking to someone else. If your best friend were struggling with the same thing, what would you say to encourage them? Of course you want the best for them!! Why not love yourself the same way?
  2. Make it a part of your daily routine: If finding time to work out is challenging, don’t fall back on excuses. Your time is valuable, so that is even more of a reason to make the most of each chance you get to work out. 
  3. Set a new goal for yourself: Why do you want to be healthier, stronger, leaner, or more flexible? Maybe you’ve already met your previous goals, and it’s time to set the bar a little higher for yourself. Maybe there’s an important event coming up that you want to feel or look your best for? It could be time to re-evaluate why working out is important for you. Write it down, and put it somewhere you can see it.
  4. Find a workout buddy who’s fitter than you: Have you ever heard the saying “You are the average of the 5 people you hang around” or something like that. It can totally apply to fitness! It can be incredibly motivating to work out with someone you perceive to be or more fit than yourself, and cause you to push a little harder in your workout, or show up to the class you are on the fence about. Your instructor may even be a great resource.
  5. Reward yourself in healthy ways: Celebrate the little goals along the way! Celebrate completing your first class back, and your first week!! A workout should never be a punishment for what you ate. There are other ways to allow yourself to indulge: Get your nails done, stop by that shop you’ve been dying to peruse, treat yourself to a little at-home (or in-spa) R&R, watch that extra episode on netflix. I’m sure you’ve already thought of something by now.
  6. Get Competitive: Seeing someone else perform well can be just the push we need to make sure we get to class, or finish our reps unbroken. Seeing someone else pick up the heavier set of weights may be what can finally push you out of the 2lb comfort zone. Share your milestones on social media! 
  7. Engage with the community: Redlands Barre is a resource unto itself. There’s so many women in the community who are seeking the same encouragement you desire, and would LOVE to connect with you and share in your journey. Make some new friends at the studio. No one magically arrives at their goal, everyone has to start somewhere. Chances are, there’s other women in the studio who have experienced something similar, and can encourage you through it. 

Need a friendly push?

Participate in the BARREtober Bingo Challenge at Redlands Barre! Grab your bingo card (full of exciting mini-challenges) and stamp your way back into a healthy routine. You have health, fun, fitness, and prizes to gain. 

When: October 1st-29th

How to Register: Grab your bingo card from the front desk this week! The challenge begins on Saturday.

Best Wishes,


Studio Booking Policies

In order to protect your investment in a Redlands Barre membership, we have rules regarding booking and cancellation policies. Please read through our policies before booking your next class!

Booking Windows

The class booking window closes a certain amount of time before the scheduled class start time. Failure to sign up for a class before the booking window closes will result in an inability to attend the class. If you’ve missed the booking window, please try booking a class later in the day.

Group Fitness Classes (Barre & Mat Pilates): The booking window closes 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

Reformer Pilates Classes: The booking window closes 30 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

Late Cancellation Fees

Late cancellation fees help us protect the limited number of spaces in our classes. If you cancel within 2 hours of the scheduled start time you will be charged a one-time late cancellation fee per canceled class.

Group Fitness Classes (Barre & Mat Pilates): $10 Late Cancel Fee per class OR loss of the session.

Reformer Pilates Sessions: $25 late cancel fee per class OR loss of the session.

Got stuck in traffic or had a family emergency? Just send us a text or email and let us know!

These policies are in place so we can provide the highest quality, personalized class each and every time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@redlandsbarre.com!

Thanks for understanding!

The Redlands Barre Team

New Name – Same Great Studio

Whether you’ve been working out with us for years or you’re just considering taking your first class, you may have seen a couple of different business names floating around the web. We want to take a minute to clear the air and announce how excited we are about our new name!

Barre at CDR has officially changed its name from “Barre at CDR” to “Redlands Barre”. We are still the same premier barre studio that you know and love, just working under a new title!

While we are in the process of making this change you may see some “Barre at CDR” signs over the building or posts on the web. Just know that whatever name you see, you’re still getting the classes, instructors, and workout that you’ve come to expect from our studio.

Have any questions? Let us know!


Your Redlands Barre (formerly Barre at CDR) Team

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